Whether  a home worker or multi national, connectivity has become a vital link to the outside world to ensure business stays in touch and can react to customer requirements quickly and effectively.

ITEC Support provide all the connectivity requirements a business will need from a single broadband to a multi site MPLS network, managed end to end ensuring maximum uptime and proactive management of this vital link.

With all services offered there are constraints on cost, availability and speed which  will be addressed at point of order and commercial decisions will dictate the final outcome.



- ADSL - up to - 8MB/800Kb

- ADSL 2+ - up to - 20MB/1.2Mb

- Annex M - up to - 18Mb/2.5Mb

- FTTC - up to - 80Mb/20Mb

- 3/4G - up to - 30Mb/10Mb

- FTTP - up to -320MB/40Mb

- EtherWay - up to - 1000Mb/1000Mb