Call Center

Enable Call Center
Providing first class customer support is at the heart of all business, without it customers will go elsewhere. The experience for them when calling in to your team is important, the system and tools we provide enables business to achieve there goals with inbound call management. Below are examples of the features provided as part of Enable Call Center.

Queuing Actions
Least active agents
Round robin
Sequential by agent order
Sequential by agent tier and order
Ring all
Agent with least talk time
Agent with fewest calls

Tiered Queues

Allows skills based routing so that skilled agents, in the first instance, are used but if availability or time frames are broken the call will be passed to the next available agent who may have a different skill set or knowledge level.

Abandoned Resume

Allow callers who have dropped out of the queue to return at the same position that they left, useful for customers on mobiles.


The ability for agents to login and out of queues and set themselves on breaks, auto logout on x number of missed calls. This can then be reported on to show availability of Agents for a given day or week, also can be used as part of wallboard agent ranking.

Supervisor control

Simple interface to manage agents and move them between queues, access to voice recordings and edit or change recorded messages that customers will hear.

Live Wallboard

View live wall board with your company branding and details of agents and inbound call handling performance. Combine multiple call queues, agents, ring groups, and extensions on a single wall board to see business wide performance at a glance. Set goals and metrics of the agents to rank their performance and introduce a competitive environment.