We see the statistics of your inbound and outbound calls, staff productivity and customer experience, as a crucial part of your PBX and UC system. Access to this should be standard in this era of information technology, below is an overview of the information that can be extracted from your Enable PBX and/or Enable UC platform, much of which can be customized to your individual business requirements.

There are a number of dashboard Items that can be used as wall boards or displays, this can all be configured to show information on individual teams or for an entire organisation.

  • Top destinations
  • Inbound call answer times
  • Inbound call summary by employee
  • Outbound Calls By employee
  • Overall call statistics
  • Global Mapping of inbound or outbound numbers
  • Agent status (UC Only)

With greater visibility into call statistics, you can make informed decisions, and back that up with the ability to see those results.


There are a number of Standard reports and also the ability to write you own bespoke report based on information that is required by your business teams. These reports can be scheduled to be sent by email, based on the frequency required.

  • Top Destinations
  • Top Employees
  • Inbound and outbound concurrent calls
  • Presence and availability (UC Only)